Restoring the Long-Term Economic, Social, and Environmental Health of Our Cities

Upcoming Exhibits
Welcome to the CityCraft Museum, now under construction.

Your visit to the Museum will allow you to explore the 115-year journey of CityCrafting, evolving since 1908 from its Master Builder roots to its current collaborative Regenerative Community and Capacity Building practice. We see this as Master Building for the 21st century.

Our vision for the website Museum is to allow you to learn about regenerative practices and community capacity building through our permanent and traveling exhibits: mixed media presentations from our partners around the world.

Please enjoy our pilot space while we work to build out our exhibit space.
Exhibit CityCrafting Solutions A Partnership between CityCraft and the Solutions Journal Magazine
About This Exhibit
Early in 2020, at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, CityCraft and the Solutions Journal Magazine partnered on a blog that focuses on sustainable solutions to some of the world's most pressing and comprehensive challenges. Rapid urbanization, climate change, income and asset inequality, social isolation and the disintegration of the social contract have combined to create very real consequences, especially for the most vulnerable among us.

Exhibit CityCrafting: Three Decades of City Regeneration
About This Exhibit
CityCraft is designed to turnaround distressed areas within our cities. We begin by mapping a community’s assets: human, physical, natural and financial. We connect groups from the private, public and non-profit sectors and build consensus around a vision for the future with a deep community involvement model. CityCraft sets the stage for value creation by mobilizing entire communities to contribute to the success of their own neighborhoods. The results are powerful.
Exhibit Enduring Curiosity
About This Exhibit
Enduring Curiosity is a non-profit foundation dedicated to promoting immersive education through film and media by operating outreach initiatives for Lugus Films and its partners.

Enduring Curiosity Podcast
The Enduring Curiosity Podcast is a series of conversations with thought-leaders, innovators, and storytellers working to forge a resilient future for humanity and the natural world. Enduring Curiosity encourages listeners to pursue their curiosities about the world and to never stop learning.